Youth-led community building in Lira, Uganda
Our children and youth strive for self-sufficiency. And when people engage in business - as tough as it is for a kid in Uganda to be in business - we believe ethical businesses contribute to hopeful, healthy communities.
Our tree seedlings are for sale. To order, please contact us.
Our artwork is for sale. Most of it is self-taught. It can be found on our Facebook cause page, Concerned Children and Youth Association (CCYA).
Our child and youth partners raise honey and peanuts for commercial sale. To speak to us about purchasing these high quality, organically raised products, please contact us.
About Nehemiah's Consumer Brands
Nehemiah was a great rebuilder in the Old Testament. He never had the luxury of concentrating on just one thing. He had to do it all: rebuild, defend himself and his team, and make sure that what he did promoted the health of his community.
At the CCYA we are launching a consumer brand, Nehemiah's, to to help you flourish through high quality products.
Nehemiah's organic honey and beeswax comes from the purity of jungle harvested honey. Such honey and beeswax is prized all over the world for use in the purest of cosmetics to delicious, medicinal homeopathic remedies and natural sweeteners.
The natural paste (peanut butter) is delightfully creamy,
Taste and see that life is sweet. Let's flourish together.
We offer honey, peanut butter, tree seedlings, and beautiful art.