Youth-led community building in Lira, Uganda
What is going on?
Trees are a source of food, building materials, and fuel. However we have a serious deforestation problem caused by the need for fuel and the impact of war.
Through working with the American Jewish World Service, we have been able to reforest, change laws, and provide better food security for our community.
Fuel is critical.
In the deep villages we do not have electric grids, and power even in large cities is not dependable without gasoline-fueled generators. Gas in Uganda is very expensive, with prices at US$8 a gallon this year.
US$8 for a gallon of gas is expensive in the United States for rich families. Think of what our families experience when it's that expensive! Our partner families often make less than US$1 per day, and have many mouths to feed with that dollar. So trees are an important lifeline for our community, though we urge people to use coal stoves known as "Okello Kuc" stoves. This translates into "peace for the environment."
We also use solar everywhere we can. Solar saves! However, it doesn't translate well into our cooking. For instance, our cooking must be done early morning and late at night when the sun is not out. It's hard for us to use solar ovens though we do where it makes sense: commercial cooking, drying foods, etc. And we promote the use of solar where we have the opportunity to do so.
War and refugee problems scar our landscape.
When massive waves of refugees come into our area, the large new population cuts down trees in order to survive. Their situation scars lives and the landscape. 
As a result, we have faced massive deforestation. Recent drought has led to soil erosion and the death of more trees. Our landscape looks different than when we were born, and we're not that old!
Other critical issues: water
Our villages have wells, but not too many. Also many don't work because pieces break through overuse and our communities often can't afford to fix the wells. See one well below in Lira where you have to wait 12 hours to get water. Imagine the time lost just waiting to get a little water!
Well water isn't even drinkable. We have to boil it over an open fire to kill the germs in it and often we all get water borne diseases. We need a better way, especially for our partners who were born with HIV/AIDS or have become ill due to no fault of their own.
This is not acceptable for anyone and certainly not for our brave partners. We have dedicated our lives to helping our community address this issue. Please help us in supporting our environment!
Real results:


We do not accept deforestation, lack of access to water, and soil erosion. We are changing this reality and ask for your support.