Beloved Community

 Our International Beloved Community Advisory board members walk alongside the CCYA executive staff through:
  • Professional advisory services for the CCYA executive staff
  • Networking
  • Telling the CCYA story where we find opportunities to do so
  • Friendship, encouragement, and visitation

The Beloved Community solicits modest dues from members to support the CCYA website. It is not a significant source of funding for the CCYA. It is a source of friendship and networking.

The board was initiated in 2009 at the request of Angelina Atyam and with the support of the CCYA governing board. It's co-founders are Kathy Bradley and Allegra Jordan.


Esther Acolatse, of Ghana, teaches at Duke Divinity School where she explores the intersection of psychology and Christian thought. She teaches classes about families (especially immigrant families) and pastoral theology. She is an accomplished singer and preacher. She is developing a Thriving African Families initiative.


Ray Barfield teaches at Dukeís medical and divinity schools.He works on improving the quality of life for children and their families throughout the trajectory of their illnesses.  This work includes development of education programs and research in decision-making at the end of life (most recently involving a grant-funded project in improving ways for children to participate in end-of-life decision making).  He is also putting together a program called 'The Healing Arts: Divinity, Medicine, Nursing' that brings together students from the schools of medicine, nursing and divinity around issues of illness, suffering and death.

Alexandra Barfield is in 7th grade at Chapel Hill. She likes playing guitar with her father (Ray Barfield).

David Bradley is a sophomore at Durham Academy. In addition to his deep commitment to social justice, he is in a band and runs cross country track.

 Kathy Bradley is an accomplished lawyer who teaches ethics and family law at Duke. She serves as a Stephen minister and also works to help people who are in need all over the world.  Her daughter is also a member of the advisory board.

James Dillard is an Associate Consultant with Bain and Company in Atlanta. Prior to joining Bain, he worked as a member of the founding team Nourish International and attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is passionate about building great and lasting organizations.

Amber Dunn is the Executive Director of Africa Rising.  She works to harness the innovation power of African organizations in creating social and economic change.  She graduated from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.  

Elizabeth Eichling hails from outside of Philadelphia. She is currently a Masters of Divinity Candidate at Duke Divinity School in Durham, North Carolina, and has worked as a student associate with the Duke Center for Reconciliation during her time at divinity school. Long-term, she hopes to teach theology and continue to work and journey beside friends in East Africa. 


Caroline Hope Griffith is a Research Associate at the Duke Global Health Institute and Coordinator for Initiatives in Africa for Duke Divinity School. She has extensive experience in building public-private partnerships across disciplines to address health challenges in Africa.

 Darriel Harris is a preacher, teacher with a background in organizational management. He worked in Gulu and with the Kenyan UMOJA program. Darriel is also a photographer, poet, and co-president of the Duke Divinity School Council.


Allegra Jordan works with international leaders on strategic planning, innovation, and entrepreneurship. She is on the board of Africa Rising and works is the managing director of Innovation Abbey which combines the best social sector wisdom about working with people with scientific business innovation processes. Her teams work across the world on projects that help people flourish.


Emily Jordan is a 6th grade Honors student in Georgia.  She is a Girl Scout Cadette, an avid hiker and swimmer, and a member of the Walton High School Jr. Raiders basketball team. Emily is currently working to establish a Girl Scout troop at a vocational school in Mukono, Uganda. 


Kate Jordan is a freelance attorney, wife and mother of three in Marietta, Georgia. As the leader of a 6th grade Girl Scout troop, she supports a sister troop at a girls' vocational school in Mukono, Uganda.


Rachel Jordan is a 7th grade Honors student in Georgia. She is a Girl Scout Cadette, an elite soccer player in Atlanta, a member of the school band, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes,

and the Recycling Club.



John Kiess (New York City, NY) is finishing his Ph.D. in Theology and Ethics in Duke's Department of Religion. He has spent significant time in the Great Lakes region and is well versed in the African political and theological landscape."


Christina Martinez Kim is a registered nurse and currently enrolled in the family psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner program at UNC-Chapel Hill. She has a passion for spiritual and mental health, especially of children and adolescents, and she loves working with underserved populations. Her work is taking her to Ghana.


David Kim is a Canadian born environmental scientist and engineer, who has done work at Harvard and UNC- Chapel Hill and now works in Ghana in the distribution of basic, vital medical supplies. David, with his wife Christina, is involved in helping youth both in the US, through their church, and overseas.


Kodjo Kumi is 16 years old and a junior at C.E. Jordan high school in North Carolina. He plays tennis, is a Boy Scout, and participates in Mock Trial competition. He is in the top 5% of his class of about 425 students, and his dream is to become a lawyer. He holds dual US and Ghana citizenship.


Rex Miller is an award-winning documentary film producer and photographer whose clients include, among others, ESPN, the Tennis Channel, ABC News, Rolling Stone, Time Magazine, and The New York Times. He has produced an award winning documentary on Uganda tennis and filmed the delivery of the first peanut shellers in Uganda from Fully Belly Project.


Theodore G. Ryan is Consulting Professor of Ethics in Management at Dukeís  engineering and business schools. Ted teaches leadership, management and business ethics.  For more than 30 years, Ted has been an organizational consultant and coach, focusing on leadership and management development; organizational effectiveness; executive coaching and development; aligning corporate cultures to strategy, mission, vision and values; and selection process development.


Robin Swift directs Dukeís Clergy Health Initiativeís health programs for pastors. Robin holds a masterís degree in public health from Emory University and has extensive experience in designing programming for behavioral health change. A senior person at the World Health Organization callís Robinís project one of the most important health care projects in the U.S.


Alex Young is a 16 year old sophomore at East Chapel Hill High School in North Carolina. He likes art history, to play basketball, and has kept in touch with the CCYA group on Facebook. He plans to visit Lira next summer.


Michael Young is a 13 year old 7th grader at Phillips Middle school in North Carolina. Michael likes to read, sleep, and play with others.  He plans to visit Lira next summer.



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Youth-led community building in Lira, Uganda
Beloved community members at work with staff in Lira