About us

The Concerned Children and Youth Association (CCYA) is a legally registered National Non Governmental Organization (NGO) formed on the 27th December 2001. CCYA is Registered with Uganda National NGO Board, Lira NGO Forum, Lira District Local Government, Apac District Local Government, Alebtong District Local Government,Civil Society Organizations for Peace in Northern Uganda (CSOPNU), Human Rights NGO Network (HURINET).

The 21 year old insurgency left Northern Uganda with a lot of challenges which include, disease, poverty, mental instability, many children vulnerable and orphaned. In the aftermath of war CCYA cultivates communities of resilient children and youth. we focus on the plight of children and youth of Northern Uganda who have been affected by Disability and advocate for the practice of reconciliation, rebuilding, reforesting so we may live into a more beautiful, hopeful Uganda.


“To be a peaceful united and healthy society in which the marginalized children and youth play an active role in all aspects of development’.


‘A child and youth focused organization that exists to empower youth (aged 18-35 yrs), CWD’s, young mothers (14-24 years) and OVC’s in Lango sub region through: sensitization and advocacy on their rights and health issues, training in leadership, income generating activities and life skills, provision of psychosocial and educational support (formal and vocational), networking and collaboration.’


  • Supporting one another
  • Caregivers
  • Believers in dialogue
  • Passion for children, youth and family
  • Empathy
  • Non-discrimination and equality for all
  • Voluntarism
  • Preservation of the environment for the future generation

Motto “Every Child and Youth is my Brother / Sister”.


  • To create social stability and awareness on reproductive issues, HIV / AIDS and other related adolescence issues.
  • Creating avenue for advocacy for human rights, peaceful resolution of conflicts and sustain socio- economic development among the marginalized communities.
  • To advocate for a society whereby children and youth with disabilities have equal rights and opportunities for growth and development.
  • Improved access to education and psycho-social well being of marginalized children and youth.
  • Increase household income through self help projects hence eradicating household poverty among the victims of armed conflict and marginalized communities.
  •  Unconditional release of the children and youth by the Lord’s Resistance Army

Integrity and high ethics. The CCYA is run in a transparent, accountable manner. It strives to be fully accountable and transparent for how all funds are spent. It’s proven track record makes CCYA a sought after partner for working together in the Lango sub-region.

The CCYA is a non-profit, non-religious, legally registered non-governmental organization (NGO). CCYA is registered with Uganda National NGO Board, Lira NGO Forum, Lira District Local Government, Apac District Local Government, Alebtong District Local Government and Civil Society Organizations for Peace in Northern Uganda (CSOPNU), Human Rights.
We accept any kind of financial, technical, or humanitarian assistance. To contribute to our hopeful communities

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